Monday, January 13, 2014

SAHM Style: True Grit Inspired

This outfit is inspired by a movie "True Grit". My inspiration is from the newer version of Mattie Ross played by Hailee Steinfeld. Here is my own take.

 photo TrueGrit_zpsc5d97104.jpg
Photo source: Google

 photo IMG_2708_zpsd76423cb.jpg
Floppy Hat: c/o Adventure Hat (review here) $0
Pashmina: c/o (review here) $0
Dress: Vintage. Thrifted and Altered. 50cents (Church rummage sale)
Coat: Vintage. Thrifted. 50cents (Church rummage sale)
Tights: Walmart $?
Oxfords: via 6pm (it was on sale) $?

 photo IMG_2712_zps74f1daa5.jpg

 photo IMG_2710_zps2593b353.jpg

 photo IMG_2713_zpsaf700122.jpg

 photo IMG_2714_zpsaac9e0bc.jpg

 photo IMG_2711_zps9eedab46.jpg


  1. I love that look sis. Very warm, chic and beautiful.

  2. You looks so pretty on that outfit sis, you carry it so well. Love it

  3. you look fab with your hair , hat, scarf and all:)

  4. that sure looks like one fab ensemble, i could use one now especially that it is noticeably colder here now in our part of the globe

  5. looks truly similar you are indeed inspired with it.. i love your pick outfit.

  6. I love your hat Mommy and I like you you put the scarf!

  7. You look so comfy in that outfit and it looks great on you too :) you sure knows how to dress up, mix and match it with your accessories.

  8. Nice take! I love your outfit, it suits the weather!

  9. Love the hair! And you always look good naman whatever you are wearing. :)

  10. you are so pretty and i love your style you have the cutest outfits and jackets

  11. Ang haba na nag hair mo Mommy. I wanted to cut mine short but hubby objects lol.

  12. Cute. Love the pop of color with the scarf.

    Michelle F.

  13. I forgot to mention that I really love your shoes. so cute.


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